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This compilation shares with us stories about the lives of many people. Good, bad, battles, journeys, the life of Jesus and so much more. These 66 mini books come together to give us narriatives and dialogues, in song, history, metaphor, symbol and prophecy. This is both a diverse and unique collection, however, there is unity throughout the whole bible.


The love of God, the purpose and meaning of life, the creator of all things, seeking a personal realtionship with you. This October, we will be taking the unique and diverse book and changing the life of Chester. The word of God is about to come alive.

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We don't just want to see everyone in Chester own a copy of the bible (although that would be a great aim!)


We want to know that every person in Chester has READ the bible!

Chester celebrates the world's best selling book of all time.


One month of exciting events, bring the bible alive.