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Get involved

If you would like to get involved with the Chester Festival of the Bible you can do so in a number of ways:


1.       Come to an event.   Get a copy of the programme and find an event that you are interested in and come along.  We will be delighted to see you.


2.       Pray.   We believe that this is a great opportunity to share with people not just the Bible as a book, but the Bible that introduces us to Jesus Christ, a God who loves us and is seeking to connect with us in a real and meaningful way.    (PS If you would like to know how you can connect with God yourself in a personal and real way, please do get in touch)


3.       Put on your own event.  You can use the resources from Bible Matters, or from any other source.   There is so much available.  Make sure you send out lots of invites – prepare a nice invite / flyer, and encourage everyone you know to pass on a copy to a friend or two, and circulate it as widely as possible.   And when people come, have a copy of the Bible available for them to take away if they would like one.


Finally, please do let us know your feedback.