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Are you looking for resources to help explain and share the bible?

To promote and encourage the reading of the Bible?

To show that the Bible is an important book which is relevant for today?

If so, then this is the place to come .... The Bible Matters Resources are a fantastic way to show just how much the bible still matters in todays world. 

A3 Poster Sets

Each of the following is a set of posters that introduce a different theme about the Bible.   They can easily be displayed on display boards, or on walls.  Each set is enough to create an effective display on its own, or you can add to them with your own ideas.



The New Testament

One poster for each book of the New Testament.  Each poster gives you an introduction exploring the theme of each part of the New Testament.  Colourful design helps to communicate the timeless message to every reader.


Set of 28 Posters for £40







The Old Testament

One poster for each book of the Old Testament.  With colourful design and a clear introduction to each book of the Old Testament, this is a great way to give an overview of the Bible simply and in a way that is easy to access.







Art and the Bible

Have you ever stopped to think about how the message of the Bible has been communicated through Art?  This set of colourful posters will introduce you to key pieces of art inspired by the Bible.


Set of 30 Posters for £40




The Bible into English

Over the years key people have had a significant influence in translating the Bible into English.   Let us introduce you to some of these people.  Learn about who they were and how they have helped shape the Bible as we have it today.


Set of 14 posters for £30



Prayer Poster collection


A collection of posters that can help focus our minds on prayer.


Set of 6 Posters £20

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